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FinalCode – File Security and IRM

FinalCode is an Enterprise-grade File Security That Is Easy, Scalable and Persistent.

Sensitive and confidential files are often shared within the organization and outside an organization. Within a network file store or enterprise content management system, or outside a network through cloud file storage and collaboration containers, files are secure. But once they are on a local device, removed from the repository or container, file security and traceability is lost. This file data leakage risk exists for authorized and unauthorized recipients. Beyond the constant threat of hackers and malware, files containing proprietary and regulated data are often exposed by inadvertent emails, lost portable storage devices, unsanctioned application use and undocumented transfers of files.

With FinalCode, your employees can share confidential files internally and externally with confidence, knowing that unauthorized recipients will not have access. Better yet, your company can rapidly implement strong file encryption, usage control and auditing capability in a way that preserves user experience and your investment.

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