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Axis Security Solutions is not just about surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras are old school thoughts. With Axis IP cameras and Video Management Solutions, security is only one aspect of their objectives. Security is not about recording and forget. Security is about pro-active and alerts.

Do you know that surveillance solution can track an item if it is missing from a designated location? Do you know that surveillance can be used to track a user until it leave a scene? Do you know that Axis solutions can be used to increase your retail sales? Do you know that Axis solutions can be used in visual marketing?

If you are still buying analog cameras and encounter these problems:

1) colour distortion after a year?

2) power adaptor that needs replacement?

3) DVR / NVR that is proprietory?

4) Recording footage that is limited by DVR / NVR?

5) Adding cameras in four, eight, twelve?

6) Requires one more camera but realised your DVR has no more ports?

The analog camera challenges goes on.

Axis IP cameras and solutions tackles these challenges. They are ONVIF certified for image colour and quality. They are HD ready. Axis Companion is a free video management software for small deployment. Axis Camera Station helps in larger scale deployment and control. Axis Network Access Controller helps to manage your physical access and security control. If you are already deploying 3rd party VMS, Axis IP cameras should be supported. Of course, remote viewing is free!

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