Your Solution to Security

- Move Ahead -


In K-Lit, we believe in solutions that are easy to manage including predictable costing. We believe solution should be easy to implement and easy to understand. We believe in easing clients with the complications.

With the new generation of information technology, these are the challenges we foresee:

  • Security  – With the rampant cloud solutions, app technologies and BYOD, workplace has become ‘grey’. Users’ desktop has become mobile, new IT-savvy generation are quick to adapt and need information at their fingertips. How can we ensure that the devices of these mobile and new generation users are secured? How can we ensure that the files that they sent are secured and received by the intended users? How can we ensure that the files at cloud are secured?
  • Managing / Control – Projects or collaborations are the key element in our education today. It has escalated to corporations with our new generations. They are used to working with anonymity or without physical meeting. How can we managed these users? What control do we have over their devices that will not impact the corporate network? How can we ensure these costs are charged to the right project / department?
  • Predictable Costing – Cloud is here to stay. Be it private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud. Be it on premises or off premises. Can we allocate IT/project  resources to users/departments on demand and knowing the ACTUAL COST of these projects? How do we put in place a system for growth on our dynamic market? How can we leverage on cloud to increase productivity?  How can we ensure capacity on demand?

In K-LIT, we are always carrying new ideas / solutions that aid in your organisation’s growth.

We are currently the authorized partner of Axis (Full suite of surveillance and physical access control solutions) and FinalCode (Information Rights Management – file security). Partnering with VMware virtualization solution and Microsoft for their cloud offerings. And many more to come…